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At the recent AGM the committee locked in the club’s fee structure for the 2023 season, and we are very pleased to announce that fees have remained frozen at 2022 prices.  The committee recognizes the cost-of-living pressures that families are experiencing, resulting in financial hardship for so many in our community.  The committee are focused at looking at ways in which we can help support our families & local community whilst also ensuring that our club remains financially strong as we head into our 45th year of existence.

The 2023 fee structure is as follows

Age Group Club Fee
Under 8 $140.00
Under 9 $160.00
Under 10 $160.00
Under 11 $180.00
Under 12 $180.00
Under12 Girls $180.00
Under 13 $200.00
Under 14 $200.00
Under 14 Girls $200.00
Under 15 $220.00
Under 16 $220.00
Under 16 Girls $220.00
Under 17 $250.00

Registrations are now open and can be completed via the link on our club website.

A reminder that you can now pay your fees through our club website.  There are 2 options available which are a one time in full payment, or you can elect to pay your 2023 fees through our payment plan which will direct debit fees across 4 equal payments every 2 weeks until completed.

We understand that it can sometimes be difficult to pay in one payment which is why the club has invested in the online direct debit payment system to allow for smaller and more easily manageable payments across an 8-week period.

Online fee payments can be made via our website by simply clicking on the “Pay my Fees” menu on our club’s website and following the process there after.

Should you have any questions around our 2023 fee structure or around our online payment system please do not hesitate to reach out directly to myself or a member of the committee and we will be happy to help.

Bring on 2023.



Royce Karas

President EHJFC

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